U.S. One Dollar Silver Certificate Short Snorter - Posted 05.08.10
The Short Snorter Project
United States One Dollar Silver Certificate submitted by Dan Deloria who writes, "I wanted to thank you for your
informational website.  I have been trying to identify a group on names on a WWII "Short Snorter" signed on 9/27/44 by a
group of men, most of whom were associated with the 398th Bomb Group.  One of the signers, Malcolm "Mal" Clarke is
still alive in Wellsboro, Pa.  I have been in contact with his son, who provided the 398th Bomb Group as the unit his father
was in during WWII.  Through the 398th website, I was able to identify several names on the Short Snorter.  One of the
names really stood out, as it is unusual.  Imagine my surprise when searching for the 398th online, and I ran across the
name Phirn Stout listed on that website.  Phirn Stout was not listed on the 398th site as one of the original crews and I
had not run across his name anywhere prior.  Phirn Stout and James Strafford both were on Mal Clarke's bomber and
both had signed the Short Snorter. Because of the 398th website, I was able to verify that Phirn Stout and James
Strafford were both in the 398th and this helped in the identification of more names on the bill. Amazing stuff!"
A. E. MacDonald  (N.Y.)

Max Adkins

Bob Schuh “Wis”

James Shafford, Ohio

Cecil J. Roberts Calif.

Kenneth W. Kle_nos(?), Mass.

David Szetes, NEB.

T/Sgt John _  A. Ha _ l _  _, Illinois

S/Sgt Fred H. Parker, California

Jack Hill, Oregon

John D. Swanson, Wis.

Sgt C. R. Surazuski(?)


Short - Snorter - 9/27/44

James Jenkins

Raymond J. Clisham

Eugene, M. Eichman Texas

Jim Du?, Ill

Bob Garrou, Chicago

Lerido Q Battista, Chicago

Mal Clarke Wellsboro, Penna

Maurice Hill, Tex

S/Sgt Phirn Stout

Robert R _ _ _ _ _ del Ky