Virtual Museum - US 1 Dollar Silver Certificate HAWAII Overprint - Posted: 9.28.09
The Short Snorter Project
United States One Dollar Silver Certificate HAWAII Overprint - Series 1935A - Serial Number C01928474C.
Submitted by Paul Pemberton on September 4, 2009, who writes,"I have come across two "short snorters". They were
found in a cigar box that was almost thrown away in 1976 in Concord, CA. The first one is a US Silver Certificate Series
1935A serial # C01928474C HAWAII stamped with several unintelligible names but a couple of them are still readable.
Maj. G.M. Zucco is on the front with the statement "Enroute Honolulu to XMas Island Dec. 13 1943" in the top margin.
The second is also a US Silver Certificate Series 1935E serial # Q57486408G. Quite a few names on this one.  I would
also really like to thank you for the information contained in the website as I had no idea what these bills were . The
words short snorter are written on the first bill and that is how I found your site." On September 8th Paul wrote, "
Unfortunately, I don`t know the origin of these bills.  The story from the current owner is she inherited the bills when her
family was managing apartments in the bay area.  Her mother found them when she was cleaning out a rental and held
on to them while trying to contact the tenant.  When she finally found him he told her to throw them away.  He said they
belonged to his father and that they had no value to him.  So they were put away for a lot of years and my lady friend
inherited them when her parents moved.  She has had them since around 1980 and had no idea what they were or the
meaning of the term Short Snorter so she brought the bills to me and asked me to see if I could find out.  The rest you
already know.  I will do what I can to find out the tenants name and who his father was but give me some time.  The
copies will be coming your way regular mail in a few days.  Thanks for your reply and I hope with a little research I can
complete the history behind these bills". On September 15th Paul wrote, "I have a bit more background on the two bills
I sent you copies of. No name to work with but I discovered where they were found. Talking with my friend's mother we
got on the subject and she told me that the bills were found in a cigar box in a storage locker in the Vista Del Lago
Apartments in Concord, CA. The owner had already moved out and told them to discard anything left behind because it
was his father's stuff and he did not care to keep it.  I think I may have told you some of this before.  She can`t remember
the name of the tenant now as it`s been a lot of years ago but maybe you can get a hit off the details I have given you.   
Thanks again for your time and effort. Love the website and check back often." On September 17th Paul wrote, "You are
not going to believe this. I got a phone call last night from my friend's mother. She told me she remembered the tenants
name, Martin Segerstrom. I`m trying to find who his father was as I write this email. Will let you know what I come up
with. I have a whole lot of time on my hands.  I deciphered most of the names on the Korea bill."
Clif White

C. J. Long

Jean P. Davis
Kansas City

to XMAS ISLAND Dec 13,

Maj. G.M. Zucco