Virtual Museum - US 1 Dollar Silver Certificate - Posted: 10.09.09
The Short Snorter Project
United States One Dollar Silver Certificate - Series 1935A - Serial Number M91512752C.
Submitted by Chuck Dulick on September 23, 2009, who writes,"I would like to thank you for recognizing the "Short
Snorter". While sitting in a doctor's office I picked up a copy of Numismatist (May 2009) to pass the time. Being
interested in old coins and paper money for years it made good reading. To my surprise I found the article by Paul
Mcllvaine about short snorters. I have had one for years but never knew the story behind them. I knew it had to do with
the troops of World War II because of the date on the Silver Certificate, 1935-A, and on the border it reads "G - 101A -
Italy -10-12-44". I was in the 101st in the 1970s, C-1/327 "Cold Steel Copra's", so the bill has always been interesting to
me. When I got home that night I took the bill out and sure enough there it was written, "Short Snorter - C-52" I have
tried looking up some of the names in the past and only  found one,  "S.G. Tommy Thompson", and was sad to see that
he had died on 11-9-44. The dollar is signed by 15 others who I pray did not fall to the same fate. I would like to thank you
again for explaining the Short Snorter history to me. Now when I hold the old written-on Silver Certificate I can hear
laughter, smell the cigarette smoke, and hear glasses clinking as my brave brothers await the sound of the roaring
airplane engines and to place the chute on their backs. I would like to add my note to your virtual museum."
"G101A  Italy - 10-12-44"


Monty Morrison

Bob Sypal

Alrah Ghnest

Robert S. Hager

S. G. "Tommy" Thompson

Herman D'???



Arther F. Ma???

Edward Sacer
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