Virtual Museum - US 1 Dollar Silver Certificate - Posted: 10.25.09
The Short Snorter Project
United States One Dollar Silver Certificate HAWAII Overprint - Series 1935A - Serial Number S50643842C.
Submitted by Dan O'Meara who writes,"I have no connection with the military, but as a paperboy in 1976 someone gave
me a short snorter one dollar bill as payment.  I was never quite sure who gave it to me though.  I stored it away until
recently I was going through some old stuff and found it packed away. I found your web site and believe it to be authentic.
I’ve been showing it around and everyone I show it to is so impressed with it, I’m getting attached to it.  It is of historical
value and I’m proud to have it. It is really awesome to have. I love your web site. You should be honored."


Greg Kieninger

Joseph A. Donnor


Carl F. W???

Dell Jordan

J. L. Holland

W. H. Warren

George D. Brown

J. I. Wolfe

Waree A. Bryzohra


V. L. "Birddog" Taylor

A. G. Morse