Virtual Museum                                              Banknote: US 1 dollar - Posted: 11.28.07
The Short Snorter Project
Banknote: United States 1 dollar Silver Certificate - Submitted by: Lynn Weingarten
Interesting short snorter.
Lynn writes, " My father (Theodore Weingarten) received this one dollar bill in change in the late 1950's at a small
hardware store in Philips, Wisconsin.  It has remained in our family's possession since without us knowing who the
people are that signed it or why.  The back of the bill states "A flight from Goose Bay, Labrador to Valley, Wales -
Landing on August the tenth Nineteen Forty Four --- A Document -- Those participating in the flight were and they sign
below:" These words are followed by 15 or 16 signatures.  Some, like Richard L. Williams, Ron H. Kendall, and Wm A.
Newsom are still legible.  Others may be deciphered with closer study. I would like to see one of the signers (or a
descendant) have this bill if one could be located.  I've attached a few photos.  Please let me know if there is any way to
identify more of the history behind this particular note. (P.S.  I can identify Fred F. Fischer, Ed. P. Bull (or Buel).  Also,
Richard L. Williams seems to be identified as the pilot of the flight.)"