Virtual Museum               US One Dollar and JIM 50 Yen                  Posted: 12.26.10
The Short Snorter Project
United States One Dollar HAWAII Overprint Silver Certificate - Series 1935A - Serial Number C06457122C - Submitted by
Harry Standel who writes, "Hello, I just found your web site. My uncle, TSGT Samuel Pollach, was the top turret gunner in
the B-24 "Sky Scow", 7th Air Force, 30th Bomb Group, 27th Bomb Squadron, and served in the Pacific from 1942 to the
end of the war. He gave me his short snorter when he returned (when I was a little boy). It has multiple bills. Sam has
unfortunately passed away but based on the island names on the bills I guess he got around. By war's end they were on
their third B-24. The previous two having received so much battle damage were used for parts. I have photos of Sam and
of his airplane and the crew in the South Pacific. I've posted them and you can see them at:   
This is only a portion of the short snorter. My children and grandchildren had never heard of a short snorter and this is a
part of history that people should know about. I applaud you for your efforts."