Virtual Museum               US One Dollar Silver Certificate                  Posted: 12.27.10
The Short Snorter Project
United States One Dollar NORTH AFRICA Silver Certificate - Series 1935A - Serial Number C78119803C - Submitted by
om Cooper who writes, "At a Pasadena (Texas) Coin Club meeting, a peculiar note came up for sale. I bought it
because I like historical notes. I studied it and tried to research on the Internet. Then an article came out in Coin World's
Paper Money Values about graffiti on notes. I wrote Michele Orzano and she referred me to you. I would really like to
know if any of the signers are still alive. I think the 551st would be interested in the note, or military history buffs.
This snorterappears to have been owned by a Corporal Ray L. Rose, who was a member of First Squad, First Platoon,
Company B, of the 551st Parachute Infantry. It is signed by a Sgt. John B. Long who wrote, "Looking for that Rosey day."