Virtual Museum               US One Dollar Silver Certificate                  Posted: 12.28.10
The Short Snorter Project
United States One Dollar Silver Certificate - Series 1935A - Serial Number F81549499C - Submitted by Cassandra
Sweitzer who writes, "My son (11 years old at the time, now 12) received a
one dollar bill for change at a basketball
game and new he should hold on to it. The bill is a 1935A Silver Certificate, but written on the bill is:
"Short Snorter -
December 29, 1943 - Landed Fairfield S....(?) Airport fron Honolulu T.H. by C-54 transport plane height 2,000 (or 12,000)
Time 11hours."  Then on the back it says some of the same information but talks about Hickam Airfield and has a date

of December 30, 1943. Some of the information is a little hard to read. It also has several names writen on it, which I
assume are persons who were on this flight. Do you know how I could possibly obtain any names from a list of veterans
that served there during this time? You can partially make out the names, but I can't read them all, as it is old. I see a Joe
McCartly (possibly), Georg F(???), C. Thomas, Roy Williams (possibly), E. M. Beasley (possibly), Donald J., Corprol J.
Manning (maybe)
, and a few others. My son loves military history, weapons, planes, and I think it would be great if any of
these men were alive and I could find them.
Thank you for your time."