American Volunteer Group/"Flying Tigers" Short Snorter - Posted 2.13.10
The Short Snorter Project
United States 1 dollar Silver Certificate submitted by Eric Swanson who wrote, "My father gave me this short snorter
some time during WWII. After Pearl Harbor he tried to enlist, but was turned down because he was too old, so he took a
job in Washington at the Bureau of the Budget, thinking that he would be able to contribute in some way to the war effort.
My father got the snorter while we were in Washington, but I don't know where. The snorter originated in Kunming where
the headquarters for the American Volunteer Group (AVG, a.k.a. "Flying Tigers") was located. I thought that many of the
signatures would be members of the AVG, which was not a large group, and I found a roster on the Internet. I made a half
hearted attempt to match names, but was not able to make any matches largely because it is hard to read many of the