Virtual Museum                                                Banknote: US 1 dollar - Posted: 2.24.08
The Short Snorter Project
United States 1 dollar Silver Certificate (Series of 1935A) - Submitted by: Sally Miles, daughter of Virgil Miles, Navigator.

"I found a "short snorter" dollar bill in my father's belongings from WWII.  It is signed by his pilot, Mac Kollenborn, and
many others whom I cannot read their names.  I would like to mail it to you for inclusion in your library.  Your web site
helped me understand what a "short snorter" meant.  The edge of the bill has "short snorter" printed clearly on it as I
have seen on other similarly described "short snorters" offered on e-bay. My father's picture has been identified on the
web site . Although Kollenborn is not identified in the photograph, he is the other
man with the hat rather than the cap on the extreme left top row.  I was able to find the photograph by selecting
Kellenborn #4 bomb group H.  I was a very young girl when I met Mac Kollenborn (1950's) and William Ryder who is on
the second row extreme left kneeling. I cannot locate his signature on the bill. The dollar bill is in very poor condition,
although the reverse side is still green and without a motto.  He must have carried this with him during his
prisoner/hospitalization period after their final mission May 10, 1944. I am looking forward to hearing from you so I may
make the arrangement to have you preserve this electronically for the virtual museum. He never talked about his
experience. The bill appears to be dated "Casper 4-26-43". I have some letters he wrote to his family in Kansas during
April, May, and June 1943 after he trained in Florida and he had just arrived in Casper, Wyoming, on this day."