Virtual Museum                                                Banknote: US 1 dollar - Posted: 3.30.08
The Short Snorter Project
United States 1 dollar HAWAII Silver Certificate (Series 1935A) - Submitted by: Jim Bisbey  (Short Snorter Club Member)

Commenting about the website, Jim Bisbey wrote (paraphrased), "It is all about the men of that generation, their
sacrifices, who they were and who they are.  I just want to make sure that they are not exploited and that their legacy is
not forgotten.   I can see by your website that you care as much as I do about them and their history. Your website is
exactly what is needed to keep this unique history from being forgotten.  I commend you and thank you for all your
efforts in keeping that history alive and available for everyone to see."
BACK: Signed by Leonard G. Fields
                  NANDI, FIJI
                SEPT. 1943

  LT. J.W. Farrow  ANC

  Capt. C.W. Smith

  S/Sgt. T.W. Stuart, Jr.

  C.P.L. S/G Laladno

  Robert Bush

  Lt. J.H. Vins___

  William T. Corolta

  Harry F. Shaw


  Z.W. LoGalbo

  Robert J. Allen

  Blaine E. Baile (?)

  Harold F. Wolfrusian (sp?)

  John C. Langaton (sp?)

  Herbert Lar______l ?

  Frank E. Labre____ ?

  _________ ? Fusar