Virtual Museum                                                Banknote: US 1 dollar - Posted: 4.21.08
The Short Snorter Project
United States 1 dollar Silver Certificate  - Submitted by: John O'Callaghan
I have attached scans of my  father's Short Snorter, which I inherited. His name was Ambrose J. O'Callaghan and he
separated from the US Army Air Corps as a Colonel in 1945. This bill was signed at Patterson Field at Dayton, Ohio on
September18, 1942, when he was stationed there. He met his future bride, my mother, there while she was a graphic
artist with the base newspaper. He flew around the world on a secret mission on orders from General Hap Arnold to
survey the army supply situation in the Far East Theater of the war. I am still researching the signatures on this bill and
will add more information as I uncover it. I DID recognize one hard to read signature as my Mom's!  It is the 6th
signature from the right side of the bill face. Her first name, Norma, passes through the blue seal. The first letter of her
last name, Mitchell, is over the "D" in "DOLLAR". Anyone who knew about my father, please Email me. Thanks. -
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