The Short Snorter Project
Banknote: United States 1 dollar Silver Certificate - Submitted by: Teri Vaughn
This short snorter belonged to Teri's father, Roger D. Vaughn, who was a Civil Engineer and a Captain during WWII in
the Army Air Corps. He had spent all of his time overseas on the island of New Guinea making airstrips, rebuilding
bridges, constructing an air base, creating water systems for the base, etc. The short snorter was made by a group of
men who had just graduated from Officers Candidate School at Jefferson Barracks on September 23, 1943.
They were all probably Civil Engineers in the Army Air Corps and were shipping out to various places in the Pacific.
("...I just wish I had been able to ask him about this bill and about all the guys who signed it.") Thanks Teri, great note!
Virtual Museum                               Banknote: United States 1 dollar - Posted: 8.17.07

Robert A. Radcliffe, 2nd Lt, CE

Vern W. Tremonti, 2nd Lt, CE

JS Clark, 1st Lt

James J. Kaplan, 2nd Lt, CE

Harold J Booth, Capt

M. G. Hill, 2nd Lt

P.S. Costner, CE

Marvin W. Egge, CE

Herman B. Elderman, 2nd Lt, CE

G. Graham, 2nd Lt, CE

Louis D. Wells, CE

Frank Miller, 2nd Lt, CE

Howard V. Astor, Capt, New Guinea

Jim Livingston, NG

E. R. Rogers, NG