Virtual Museum                                          Banknote: US One Dollar - Posted: 9.30.07
The Short Snorter Project
United States One Dollar Silver Certificate - Series 1935A - Serial # X83143525B - Re-submitted by Dave Fifer.
Signed on the back by
J. H. Doolittle.
"Long Snorter                 V. D."

Ray Snyder
ADMA President 1943-1944)

"1492"  (on border)

G. B. Van Dusen

C. H. Benniner

F. B. Chadwick

J. P. Flannery

Raymond A. Bottom

Lex (or Len) Muncey

William J. Scripps

W. D. ???

Joseph ???

...1st Lt ???

Glenn L. Cox

William F.


Tom Davis

"Member in

   Good Standing"


C. F. B. Roth


"Short Snorter"


Geo Wright

Don Levine

J. H. Doolittle