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My name is Tom Sparks
and I became interested in
short snorters after reading
Michael Marotta's article in
the November 2002 issue of

My uncle, Kenneth Sparks,
was an Army Air Corps B-17
navigator in WWII. He was in
the last bomb raid over
Germany on April 25, 1945.
(He has a short snorter...)

My friend, George J. Grimm,
was a U.S. Navy Transport
PB2Y pilot in WWII. He flew
Admiral Nimitz and his flag
party into Tokyo Bay for the
surrender of the Japanese.
(He has a short snorter...)

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The Short Snorter Project
George Grimm with his Short Snorter and Model of a PB2Y Coronado Flying Boat
The preferred way to submit a short snorter for archiving in the virtual museum is
to send an email with attached digital images (JPEG format) of both the front and
back sides of the short snorter (minimum 300 DPI). Flatbed scans are best as this
will not allow for any distortion of notes that will not otherwise lay flat. I also have
the ability to rotate and crop images so that is not a huge concern.

Alternatively, you could mail the short snorter and I will scan it for you, post the
digital images to the virtual museum, and return it to you within 7 days. You would
have to include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for the return. Contact me at
the above email address and we can coordinate mailing.

Lastly, to those who can send World War 2 era photos of the owner of the snorter,
I will build web page(s) around that person's short snorter and their wartime story
and include them in the "FEATURED SNORTERS" column on the index page.

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