The Short Snorter Project
What is a Short Snorter?
Short snorters come to light at coins shops and coin shows where most dealers pay very
little for them as they are heavily worn and "not very collectible". A short snorter signed by
a famous person will add value to the bank note. Short snorters frequently sell on eBay
and at other auction venues.        
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Depending upon your perspective, short snorters are next to worthless or simply priceless.
Whatever you decide, short snorters are truly "history in your hand."
Posted 4.24.11
Howard "Jack" Fry Short
Snorter - B-29 Superfort Pilot

Posted 1.3.11
Hennon Gilbert Short Snorter
30th Inf. Reg, 3rd Inf. Division

Posted 12.17.10
Vernon O. Stanley Short
Snorter - Made over North Pole

Posted 12.12.10
W. E. Bill Gernert Short
Snorter - B-24 Pilot, 22 NORAD

Posted 11.11.10 (Veteran's Day)
Paul W. Nesper Short Snorter
Assistant Postal Officer in
Recife, Brazil, 1943, USN

Posted 10.3.10
Harry F. Revers Short Snorter-
Navy Radarman and Royal
Order of Purple Porpoises!

Posted 6.5.10
Charles E. Lees Short Snorter-
B-29 Pilot, 20th Air
Force, 315th Bomb Wing!

Posted 6.4.10
Frank J. Nugent Short
Snorter - TOP SECRET!

Posted 6.2.10
John "Jack" L. Hamels Short
Snorter - 328th FS, 64th FW!

Posted 5.31.10
Virgil M. Mayabb Short Snorter
- VP-63 PBY pilot!

Posted 5.30.10
Raymond D. Lankford Short
Snorter - 57th BW, 321st BG,
447th BS Tail Gunner!

Posted 5.7.10
Johannes Marines Andriesen
Short Snorter - 110th Radar
Calibration Detachment!

Posted 1.3.10
Philip D. McQuellin Short
Snorter - R.A.A.F. pilot in #45
Atlantic Transport Grp RCAF!

Posted 1.1.10
Howard R. Oglesby Short
Snorter - 9th FS, 49th FG!

Posted 11.10.09
Guy D. Allen Short Snorter -
U.S. Naval Transport Pilot!

Posted 11.10.09
John C. Dunbar Short Snorter
- Another 39th Fighter Pilot!

Posted 9.22.09
Charles W. King $20 Short
Snorter - 39th Fight. Sqd. Ace

Posted 8.29.09
Dayton E. Closson Short
Snorter - 598th Bomb Squad.

Posted 8.14.09
George B. Underwood Short
Snorter & "Nifty-Fifty" Note -
310th BG, 381st Bomb Squad.

Posted 8.06.09
Edward Kedzior Short
Snorter - Polish Immigrant!

Posted 8.05.09
Richard Mulberry, Jr., Short
Snorter - Pilot, VMSB-243!

Posted 7.13.09
W. Wallace Greene, M.D.,
Short Snorter - 59th
Evacuation Hospital Group!

Posted 6.21.09
Thomas O. Pierce Short
Snorter - B-25 Pilot in North
Africa, Sicily, Italy - 488th BG!

Posted 6.09.09 & 12.12.10
John "Wild Bill" Crump Short
Snorter - Coyote Mascot!

Posted 6.07.09
Charles F. House Short
Snorter - US Navy 1903-1946!

Posted 6.06.09
A. M. "Mike" Granat Short
Snorter - Naval Aviator!

Posted 4.19.09
Archie E. Newton, Jr., Short
Snorter - CNAC Pilot!

Posted 4.12.09
Marshall L. Windmiller Short
Snorter - 835th Signal Service
Battalion in India!

Re-Posted 4.11.09
George J. Grimm Short
Snorter - Naval Transport
Pilot - Flew Admiral Nimitz
to Tokyo Bay for Japan's
Ending WW2!

Posted 3.28.09
James C. Haislip, Jr., Short
Snorter - USMC VMTB-143
Devil Dog Avengers!

Posted 3.28.09
Howard M. Hougan Short
Snorter - Served in Europe
and the Pacific Theatres!

Posted on 3.25.09
Robert J. "Bob" Marguerite
Short Snorter - VP-54 Black
Cat Squadron - PBY-5A Pilot!

Posted on 3.23.09
Henry E. "Hank" Heyser, Jr.,
hort Snorter - B-26 Pilot!

Posted on 2.12.09
John P. Benson Short
Snorter - Trace His Route!

Posted on 12.2.08
Louis H. Yelland, Jr., Short
Snorter - 72nd Bomb Squad!

Posted 11.11.08
J. L. Bailey Short Snorter - Pan
American Pilot!
& 1941 News Clipping: Meet
he Flying Short Snorters!

Posted 10.4.08
Stanley M. Foster Short
Snorter - B-24 Pilot - Flew in
the Battle of Guadalcanal!

Posted 9.4.08
Robert Clydesdale, Jr.,
USMC 1st Marine Division!

Posted 9.1.08
Short Snorter Signed by
Famous American
Correspondent Ernie Pyle!

Posted 8.22.08
Kenneth Sparks Short Snorter
Navigator - Last Bomb Raid
Over Germany!

Posted 7.6.08
Harry G. Pace, Jr., Short
Snorter - Shot Down Over
France. Rescued by the
French Underground

Posted 6.19.08
French Short Snorter
Signed by Author Ernest
Hemingway and Big Band
Leader Glenn Miller!

Posted on 6.1.08
Florice "Folly" Langley
Short Snorter - Red Cross -
Signed by CNAC Pilots, USO
Tour Members  Pat O'Brien,
Jinx Falkenburg, Jimmie
Dodd, Ruth Carrell, Harry
Brown, Betty Yeaton, and
1st Lady Eleanor Roosevelt!

Posted on 3.19.08
Short Snorter Signed by
Actors John Wayne and
Gary Cooper!

Posted on 1.17.08
Philippines Snorter Signed
by Douglas MacArthur!

Posted on 1.9.08
Australia Short Snorter
igned by Gary Cooper!

Posted on 10.18.07
Ireland Short Snorter Signed
by Generals Eisenhower and

Posted on 9.30.07
Short Snorter Signed by
Gen. J.H. "Jimmy"  Doolittle!

Posted on 9.9.07
Short Snorter Signed by USMC
Ace Greg "Pappy" Boyington
of the Black
Sheep Squadron - MOH!

Fijian Short Snorters from
the Dr. K. A. Rodgers
Posted on 8.26.08
Fiji 5 shillings
Posted on 9.10.07
Fiji 5 shillings
Posted on 9.9.07
Fiji 5 shillings
Posted on 9.8.07
Fiji 5 shillings

The Short Snorter Project
upon his selection as a  
WINNER in the 2009
Numismatic Literary Guild
riter's Competition:
"Folly's War," Australasian
Coin & Banknote Magazine
George Grimm Short Snorter Signed by Joe Foss
Short snorter signed by WWII Marine Corps fighter ace and Congressional Medal of
Honor recipient
Joe Foss. 1935A HAWAII Silver Certificate. (Courtesy of George J. Grimm)
We can actually follow some of the major meetings conducted during the height of WWII  
where Allied heads of state and their military staffs met and planned their strategies to
defeat the Axis powers. The individual web pages arranged here have links to other web
sites containing information and historical documentation relating to short snorters.

General Hoyt Vandenberg Snorter - Signatures collected by General Hoyt Vandenberg in
June 1942 flight over the mid-Atlantic.

Harry Hopkins Snorter - (Featured on PBS's "History Detectives")
Signatures collected by the Presidential Aide at the July 25, 1942, London Conference where
the decision was made to launch Operation Torch, the Invasion of North Africa. Snorter also
contains signatures collected during F.D.R.'s
1943 trip to the Casablanca Conference.

D. Ray Comish Snorter - Signatures collected by the Pan American Flight Engineer
aboard the Dixie Clipper flight carrying F.D.R. and his staff  to the Casablanca Conference
in January 1943.

Averell Harriman Snorter - Signatures collected at the January 1943 Casablanca
Conference where the decision was made by the Allied powers to demand unconditional
surrender from the Axis countries of Germany, Italy, and Japan.

General George S. Patton Snorter - Signatures collected at the Casablanca Conference.

Snorter signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt and several key advisors and aides en route to
the Tehran Conference of Allied powers via Cairo, Egypt, November 22, 1943.

Yalta Snorter from the conference held February 4 - 11, 1945, attended by the Big Three
(Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin) and convened near Yalta, on the Crimean Peninsula.
Presidents to Privates and Prime Ministers to Pilots...
ACBN October 2007 Magazine Cover
Many People Have Asked, "What is a Short Snorter Worth?"
ACBN November 2007 Magazine Cover
.... and a President's Wife Played the Game Very Well!
Eleanor Roosevelt Short Snorter
The Eleanor Roosevelt Short Snorter
Eleanor Roosevelt carried this short snorter on her trips during World War II.
These bills were in the wallet she used during the last years of her life.
(Photo courtesy of
The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum.)
Eleanor Roosevelt Signing Short Snorter in 1944
Eleanor Roosevelt signing short snorters for the troops on March 27, 1944, during her visit
to the Panama Canal Zone (Read her "MY DAY" column). Photo by Signal Corps - US Army.
(Photo courtesy of
The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum.)
Coca-Cola ad published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, June, 1944.
The fine print reads,
"When short-snorters (trans-ocean flyers) meet and compare their
autographed dollar bills, the invitation
Have a "Coke" is fairly sure to follow. In three short
words people strike the spark of comradeship. From the family fireside to far-flung fronts,
Coca-Cola stands for the pause that refreshes - has become a symbol of those who see
things in a friendly light."
(Copyright 1943, The Coca-Cola Company)
Photo of Jinx Falkenburg Signing a Short Snorter
Long Short Snorter
1944 Coca-Cola Advertisement with Short Snorter
A group of service men and women hold up a long short snorter for the camera.
(Photo courtesy of
The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum.)
Harry G Pace Jr in Crew Photo
WWII War Correspondent Ernie Pyle With Troops
Nose Art of B-24 SO VELLY SOLLY
ACBN April 2008 Magazine Cover
ACBN September 2008 Magazine Cover
A Collection of Short Snorter Articles Written by Dr. Kerry Rodgers
Official Short Snorter Logo from 1940s
What About Non-Currency Short Snorters for Special Events?
Operation Crossroads 5 Beacons Short Snorter
72nd Bomb Squadron Photo
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John P. Benson
Henry E. Hank Heyser, Jr. in the cockpit of his B-26 Martin Marauder
Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina Flying Boat
Crew Photo with Howard M. Hougan
VMTB-143 Devil Dog Avengers Group Photo
A short snorter is a banknote which was signed by various persons traveling together or
meeting up at different events and records who was met. The tradition was started by bush
pilots in Alaska in the 1920's and subsequently spread through the growth of military and
commercial aviation. If you signed a short snorter and that person could not produce it upon
request, they owed you a dollar or a drink (a “short snort”, aviation and alcohol do not mix!).
Lt. George J. Grimm stands on the wing of his PB2Y Coronado in Tokyo Bay.
Marshall Windmiller group photo of signal team at Camp Crowder, MO.
CNAC Plane Coming In for a Landing
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Charles F. House
Charles F. House Awards and Decorations
Wild Bill Crump and his mascot Jeep N.M.I. Coyote

June 5, 2010
Exhibit at the Heritage Flight Museum - Warbird Weekend, Bellingham, WA, Releasing another
commemorative short snorter to honor 70th Anniversary of Bellingham Airport!

May 15, 2010
Exhibit at the 2010 General Aviation Day at Paine Field Airport. Releasing a new
commemorative short snorter to honor
Historic Flight Foundation's B-25 "GRUMPY"!

April 16-18, 2010
Exhibit at the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association Annual Convention, Tukwila, WA.
Short Snorter Project awarded 1st Place & Byron F. Johnson Memorial (Best of Show) Award!

December 7, 2009
Featured speaker at Merrill Gardens Retirement Center in Mill Creek, WA, in honor of Pearl
Harbor Day. Also featured in the
Winter 2010 Mill Creek Living Magazine.

June 6, 2009
Celebrating the one year anniversary of the Flying Heritage Collection at Paine Field, WA.
Created a "
Commemorative Short Snorter" to herald this event and honor Bud Tordoff.

March 21, 2009
Exhibit at the Heritage Flight Museum, Bellingham, WA, Will be going back later this year!

March 13-15, 2009
Exhibit at the American Numismatic Association Mid-Winter Convention in Portland, Oregon.
3rd place in the "People's Choice" award voting!

January 17, 2009
Exhibit at the Boeing Employee's Coin Club Annual Coin Show, Seattle, Washington.
1st place in the "People's Choice" award voting!
Thomas Pierce and squadron mates debrief after a mission.
This photo was sent in by James Thoren, B-25 pilot in the 38th Bomb Group. The explanation
was sent in by  Orland Gage of the same group.
"Photo 38030 shows Bob Lamb and Bob Schelin with the short snorter. Bob Schelin
is deceased. They both were part of the crew of Lt. Richard Coyne of the 823rd
squadron. The crew was composed of Lt. Coyne , Pilot; Lt. Joseph Papaich, Co-pilot
(killed at Balikpapen); S/Sgt Rollie Heskett, Engineer/Gunner (also killed at Balikpapen);
Lt. Robert Lamb, Navigator;  Robert Schelin, Radio Operator (deceased in 1986); and
myself, Orland Gage, the Armorer/Tail Gunner."
Click here to see another short snorter from the 405th Bomb Squadron (38th Bomb Group)!
W. Wallace Greene, M.D., was a surgeon with the 59th Evacuation Hospital from 1942-1945.
A.M. Mike Granat
Original Pilots of VMSB-243
Mike and Ed Kedzior hold up Ed's treasured short snorter.
Armorer and Top Turret Gunner George Underwood works on his B-17 top turret.
Modern Commemorative Short Snorters for Special Events
Bud Tordoff/1st Anniversary Flying Heritage Collection June 6, 2009
Bud Tordoff's last reunion with "UPUPA EPOPS", the P-51 he flew in WWII, was at the Flying
Heritage Collection Grand Opening at Paine Field on June 6, 2008. He passed soon after.
The signature is a facsimile from the webmaster's short snorter. The yellow and black
border is the "Slybird Checker". 180 snorters were printed to commemorate this event.
Arthur B. Unruh 50 Missions/53rd Mission in a B-17 May 21, 2009
Arthur B. "Art" Unruh flew 50 combat missions as a B-17 Waist Gunner during WWII in the
15th Air Force, 301st Bomb Group, 32nd Bomb Squadron. Art wrote about his post-war 51st
and 52nd "missions" in his book
Shadow Casters. He took his 53rd B-17 ride on Father's Day,
May 21, 2009. 192 snorters were printed to commemorate Art Unruh and this event.
Arthur B. Unruh Silver Star/54th Mission in a B-17 August 17, 2009
Arthur B. "Art" Unruh was awarded the Silver Star on August 24, 1944. This snorter
commemorates the 65th Anniversary of 15th AF General Order #2816 (08/24/1944)
Silver Star received for actions on Mission to Weiner Neudorf, Austria, 26 July, 1944.
Art also took his 54th B-17 ride on August 17, 2009, during the visit of "SENTIMENTAL
JOURNEY" to the Flying Heritage Collection. 225 snorters printed to commemorate this event.
WINNER - 2009
Vintage Commemorative Non-Currency Short Snorters, printed to honor special milestones
or events during and shortly after World War 2, have provided the inspiration for the creation
of modern commemorative short snorters to honor individuals or events associated with
short snorters. Those created so far are shown below. If you have any ideas, send them in!
Dayton E. Closson having a smoke of the pipe.
Dayton E. Closson Medals and Awards.
Flying Heritage Collection Welcomes 88mm Flak 37 September 19, 2009
The front of this commemorative short snorter is an image of the B-17 "BOOGIE WOOGIE"
near an 88mm anti-aircraft shell explosion. The caption reads, "Anti-Aircraft Fire... The
Scourge of the Allied Armies!"  The back of this snorter is an image of a German 88mm
Flak 37 anti-aircraft gun in a foreboding pose facing ominous clouds. The Flying Heritage
Collection put a similar artifact on public display on September 19, 2009.
150 snorters printed to commemorate this event.
WW2 Fighter Ace Charles W. King standing in front of his P-38 Lightning.
Charles W. King short snorter on a U.S. $20 bill!
Charles W. King short snorter on a U.S. $20 bill!
Guy D. Allen
Guy D. Allen Short Snorter
Howard R. Oglesby with his P-47 fighter.
Philip D. McQuellin with the crew of a Hudson from No 2 Squadron, 31 OTU, at Debert, Nova Scotia, November 1943.
Captain Phil Harris - Cornelia Marie - Deadliest Catch - Short Snorter
Historic Flight B-25D Mitchell/68th Anniversary of Doolittle's Tokyo Raid
The front of this commemorative short snorter is an image of the B-25D "GRUMPY" which
belongs to
Historic Flight at KILO-6.  The back of this snorter is an image of the B-25s formed
up on the aircraft carrier USS Hornet and preparing to raid Tokyo under the command of
Jimmy Doolittle on April 18, 1942. This year marks the 68th Anniversary of that heroic event.
400 snorters printed to commemorate this event.
Operations Iraqi & Enduring Freedom Short Snorters
USO - David Cook Short Snorter
Ricky Lobo, a retired US Army service member, sent in some
"updated" short snorters reflecting Operations Enduring & Iraqi
Freedom. One of those was signed by David Cook of American Idol
 Check out his other snorters... (and thank a vet today!!!)
David Cook's
autographed USO Card
May 2010 Coin World
Heritage Flight Museum 2010 Warbird Weekend
70th Anniversary Bellingham Airport - 39th Pursuit Squadron WW2
The front of this commemorative short snorter has an image of the P-51D Mustang
"VAL-HALLA" which belongs to
Heritage Flight Museum.  
The back of this snorter has an image of Bellingham Airport as it appeared in 1940 and
also honor's the 39th Pursuit (Fighter) Squadron which spent December 1940 and
January 1941 at Bellingham before deploying overseas in WW2.
Raymond D. Lankford with mascot
Virgil M. Mayabb PBY crew photo VP-63.
Seargent John
Frank J. Nugent
Group Photo - Hawthorne School of Aeronautics
Paul W. Nesper
W. E. Bill Gernert at the controls of his B-24 Liberator bomber.
Vernon Odell Stanley, USNR
2nd Lt. Hennon Gilbert - 1942
Major Hennon Gilbert - 1950