Folly Langley Short Snorter Note #6: India Ten Rupees - Serial # B/49 500233. Signed by USO tour group and CNAC pilots.
Florice "Folly" Langley - Red Cross - Short Snorter - Note #6
The Short Snorter Project
Rare, unpublished photograph of Jinx Falkenburg signing a short snorter for a bunch of "combat-happy Joes" (Tech
Sergeants) in a Red Cross club. Jinx was America's top model in 1941 and went on USO tours during WWII in the South
Pacific. Note the accordian being supported by the troops for her writing pleasure. (Photo courtesy of Ann Boyd)


Capt. J. H. Watson - C.N.A.C. pilot

Capt. R. W. Jenkins - C.N.A.C. pilot

Wm. (William) C. McDonald - Chief Pilot
for C.N.A.C. Bunked w/above in Calcutta.

Ridge Hammell - C.N.A.C. pilot (Jenkins
friend who did not make it home).

J. T. Scoff - C.N.A.C. pilot

Johnny W. Brothers

Leonard E. Browules

James H. Stone

Magil Willingham

Herbert A. Beatty, F/O

M/Sgt C. L. Hoke

Al Thomas  1st Lt A.C.

Christian E. Hawkins 1st

Henry F. Marten


Pat O'Brien (USO Tour)

Betty Yeaton (USO Tour)

Jinx Falkenburg (USO Tour)
From late October through early
December of 1944, these 6 stars
toured the China-Burma-India theater
of war as a USO group spending fifty
days in theater, performing over 100
shows and personal appearances in
Karachi, New Delhi, Luichow, and 10
days at forward air bases in China.

Ruth Carrell (USO Tour)

Jimmie Dodd (USO Tour)

Harry Brown (USO Tour)

C. Hag Haggerty

Emmett D. Jones

Maj. L. G. Bruggeman, Jr. USMC

Rayburn D. Boren Capt AC

Lulie Sewell

Sofie Walker